Burbank Community Information

Burbank is a city that has rural roots, but through "People, Pride and Progress" has grown into a thriving 21st century community. The area was originally part of two Spanish land grants. The first was Rancho San Rafael, granted to Don Jose Maria Verdugo in 1798 by the Spanish government. The second, Rancho La Providencia, was created in 1821 when Mexico won independence from Spain.

Incorporated in 1911, Burbank was home to the aviation and entertainment industries in the 1920s when Lockheed Aircraft Company built a production plant and First National Pictures (later bought by the four Warner brothers) bought a 78-acre site. Over the years, Burbank has become "The Media Capital of the World" as it is home to Columbia Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, NBC and many smaller media companies, such as DIC Animation, Cartoon Network, Dick Clark Productions and Nickelodeon Animation Studios, as well as post-production companies such as Foto-Kem Industries.

In addition to major media companies, Burbank has a thriving small business community due in part to low taxes and licenses that are among the lowest in the region. Burbank also runs its own utility company, thereby keeping electric and water costs lower than or equal to other surrounding communities.

For residents, this Los Angeles-area community is entirely self-contained, with a variety of shopping, dining, recreation and entertainment opportunities. Many families choose to stay in Burbank for generations, and new residents take advantage of housing prices that range from affordable to affluent.